Samantha Brown Poster

Quotes (5)

  • You know, I realized that I didn't love the book-writing process. I like doing things and going to camera right away to talk about something. I've gained a tremendous respect for writers, because it's tough, and I didn't want to hire a ghostwriter.
  • I had my attitude in my early 20s that if it wasn't happening easily, maybe I don't deserve it. That's not true at all. You really have to keep at it.
  • In my family, we always had a taco bar on Christmas Eve, and then we were able to open one present from a family member. The next morning is when Santa's gifts arrived.
  • Most of cable-hosted shows out there are unscripted and so as a host, your job is to drive the action, to entertain, to inform, but to do that off the cuff.
  • I think more so than visiting places like China, Argentina and Europe, I really love that I get to spend time in somebody else's life. I get to see life through the perspective of a different person in a different part of the world. It's enlightening, it's humbling. That's something that this job has given me - that sense of humanist and humbleness that we all need and it's a really a gift.