Chad Michael Collins is best known for playing the franchise lead role 'Gunnery Sgt Brandon Beckett' across four successful Sony Pictures "Sniper" military action films. As the son of original star Tom Berenger's 'Master Gunnery Sgt Thomas Beckett', Collins has played alongside his pops as well as Billy Zane and Dennis Haysbert across four films, including the recently released "Sniper: Utlimate Kill" with both Berenger and Zane.

This fall, audiences will see Collins starring as the lead in the John Carpenter-esque action-horror-wester film "Howlers" with co-star Sean Patrick Flanery. "Howlers" tells the tale of 'Colt', an old West cowboy-werewolf hunter who is transported to the present day to vanquish a pack of bloodthirsty lycans terrorizing a small town. The "Wyatt Earp"-meets-"Blade" indie will be released worldwide in the fall of 2018. This summer Collins will appear in season three of the USA series "Shooter", as well as in the indie mockumentary "Rock Barnes: The Emperor in You" alongside Broken Lizard's Erik Stolhanske as the titular narcissistic self-help guru.

Sci-fi fans enjoyed Collins as the lead in season one of the Orson Scott Card/Aaron Johnston-created television series "Extinct". Set 400 years in the future after the extermination of mankind by alien forces, "Extinct" follows several humans who find themselves "reborn" on planet Earth by a benevolent alien race. The series premiered on BYUtv last fall.

Born and raised in the countryside of upstate New York, Collins moved to Los Angeles with a journalism degree in hand and began working for a boutique entertainment public relations firm. After a few years doing personal publicity, talent reps he worked alongside suggested he try an acting class. Over the course of several years treating acting as a hobby, Collins committed to the profession after some nice professional breaks lead to "Sniper: Reloaded" (2011), as the film shoot in South Africa changed his life and career trajectory.

Since then, Collins has amassed over 25 significant television and film credits in the past several years, doing everything from recurring and guest star work on primetime and cable TV to starring in lead roles on studio and independent films, enjoying comedic and dramatic roles alike. Collins has garnered fans both inside and out of the industry from his work starring in "Once Upon a Time", "Freakish", "Company of Heroes", "NCIS", "NCIS: New Orleans", "Blue Bloods", "2 Broke Girls", "Castle", "Bones", "Lake Placid 2", and many more.