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Trivia (6)

Her dad is half Panamanian (South America) and her mother is Japanese.

She attended the US premiere of Lupin III (Rupan Sansei) in 2014, in which she acted, and declared she has arrived to steal the heart of Hollywood.

She is one-quarter Brazilian, per Japan Times.

Kuroki's big break came unexpectedly. Her manager, of the Sweet Power management firm, said, "We'd heard a rumor about this beautiful girl, so we sent a scout team to Okinawa." Kuroki was initially dubious when the team turned up on her family's doorstep, however. "I had strong doubts, as I was only 14. I thought about what to do for about a year. Then I was invited to Tokyo to see the shooting of a TV drama.".

Her first encounter with international entertainment was seeing Janet Jackson on U.S. TV channels. "She was a big influence on me," she admits. "I loved her dancing so much that I've been watching her videos and trying to copy her dance moves since I was about 10.".

The youngest of four sisters - grew up in the north of the main island of Okinawa, living "in the middle of nowhere," as she puts it. "There were no convenience stores, no trains; only buses," she explains. "I was always with my family, or friends or people I knew from my very small community, so I rarely met strangers, which means I'm not very good with new people. It was really hard to get used to meeting lots of people almost every day when I came to Tokyo.".