Leon "Vietnam" Carswell was born in Oxford, England at Radcliffe Hospital by his parents, Leon A. Carswell and Perlita Arcalas Candelario. He also lived in the Phillippines. As a child, he took up every sport he could think of while focusing on academics. At 17 he began to battle b-boys all over the US and world, he and his crew Rock Force won the world title in a very controversial decision. He also received Best Dancer at Battle of the Year in Germany in 1999. He was also featured in Blaze Magazine, Rap Pages and The Source Magazine. In 2000, he and crew were cast to appear on the Discovery Channel show Popular Mechanics for Kids starring Lawrence Arcouette(Tyler) and Elizabeth Cuthbert. Vietnam decided to take his talent to television and began working with an agency in L.A. Vietnam worked with many artists, such as Missy Elliott, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Wu-Tang, and others. He continues to choreograph dance numbers behind the scenes and judge dance events worldwide.