Andrew Racho Poster


Andrew Racho is an actor and also a writer, director, and artist, most notably in the field of animation.

After graduating from Syracuse University in 2004 with a degree in Television, Radio, and Film, Andrew moved to Los Angeles to explore a career in television. After months of struggling to find work, in October of 2004 he found a random Craigslist listing for an internship for an untitled stop-motion animated show. At the time, he only knew stop-motion animation as, "it's like The Nightmare Before Christmas, right?" He took on the job. That show later turned out to be Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken, and Andrew went on to work on over 100+ episodes for them and for the shows Moral Orel, Frankenhole, and Titan Maximum.

During his time as a visual effects/graphic artist, Andrew discovered acting, primarily voice over. It was his first class with Starcraft actor Robert Clotworthy where he caught the acting bug. He then studied Meisner Technique at the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studios and continued his voice over studies. He also filmed the majority of the behind-the-scenes videos for the first five seasons of Robot Chicken. During this time, he was able to glean from the pros and learned from watching the major players in television and film perform behind the microphone.

Though Andrew has worked commercially, theatrically, and in animation for years, he credits his big break in voice over to Adam De La Peña, who cast him as a costar and leading role in Geek and Sundry's animated series Outlands. Andrew continues to work with Adam on various projects.

Andrew also writes the weekly comic strip Convenience Store Diet and recently finished its fourth volume. Convenience Store Diet is also in production on a number of animated shorts and an animated episode, both penned by and starring Andrew.

Today, Andrew's voice over work can be heard in a number of animated shows including Comedy Central's TripTank. Also, he often is hired to direct for animation and direct voice over sessions, especially for celebrity talent.