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Her character Aurora, in the TV series The Slave Isaura (2004) was initially supposed to be a villain, but the authors chose to transform her into a "good girl".

Has a degree in Medical Biology.

Is of Portuguese and French heritage. Both her maternal grandparents have French ancestry.

Father is the prestigious Portuguese doctor João Lobo Antunes.

After several theatrical plays, she spent a week in Portugal and was invited by author Moita Flores to perform Clara in the TV series João Semana (2005).

Studied acting in London.

Initially took her mother's surname, Plantier, as her stage name, due to the the fact that her father's surname, Lobo Antunes, is of difficult pronunciation.

Father: João Lobo Antunes, a neurosurgeon doctor. Mother: Ana Maria Plantier Couvreur de Oliveira. Stepmother: Maria do Céu Soares Machado.

Niece of writer António Lobo Antunes and Miguel Lobo Antunes.

Has three nephews (her sister Margarida's children) named João, Madalena and Pedro.

Her maternal grandparents were Maria do Carmo Plantier and Guilherme Couveur de Oliveira.

Her paternal grandparents were Maria Margarida de Almeida Lima and João Alfredo Lobo Antunes.

Is a relative of Portuguese singer Marta Plantier.

Has a younger half-sister from her mother's second marriage with Luís Vicente de Castro Guimarães: Bárbara (b. 1982). Her father represents the Portuguese Title of Count of Castro Guimarães.

Has a younger half-sister from her father's second marriage with Maria do Espírito Santo Silva Salgado: Madalena Sofia (b. 30 Oct 1984).

Has two older sisters: Margarida (b. 1971) and Maria João (b. 1974).

First child at age 36, a girl named Beatriz, was born on October 23, 2012. Child's father is long-term boyfriend, actor Jorge Corrula.