David F. Walker made his first film, Brain Damage: What's In It For You?, while still in high school as an after school project. He originally planned to be a comic book artist and writer. But when he realized that he couldn't draw that well, he focused on writing. In 1987 he was cast in the film Fatal Revenge, which he hopes no one will ever see. While working on Fatal Revenge, he realized that anyone could make a movie, and thus began his life-long desire to make movies that don't completely suck. In addition to his work in film, Walker is best known as the creator of the pop culture magazine BadAzz MoFo. His vast knowledge of blaxploitation films has established him as a leading expert in black cinema of the 1970s, leading to appearances on E! True Legends of Hollywood, AMC's Hell Up in Hollywood, and VH1's Race-o-rama. He is the co-author of the book Reflections on Blaxploitation. Walker has also worked as a film critic, and he was creative director for the Longbaugh Film Festival in Portland, Oregon.