Gabriel Luna Poster

Quotes (13)

  • Football shape is one thing, and then 'futbol' shape is a completely other thing. It's a whole other level of fitness that you have to work to maintain.
  • I've been an actor now since freshman year of college, so it's 11 or 12 years.
  • I played soccer, recreationally, in college.
  • I played small forward on the basketball team. I also ran the 300 hurdles.
  • I've been playing American football since I was six years old. I was a captain of my high school team, playing strong safety.
  • While American football is very structured and linear and static - where everyone lines up, and there's a burst, and it happens - soccer is like the cosmos. It's like constellations. It's bodies moving in space. It's a very spherical game.
  • I actually had a nickname as a player myself. When I played high school football in Texas, strong safety, they called me Choo Choo because they said I hit like a train.
  • I'd work with soccer coordinators at Game Changing Films and have one or two combat training sessions with my stunt double, who's a wushu master.
  • My mother had me when she was 15. My father died before I was born. So my mother was a teenage widow, and she used herself as her greatest example so I wouldn't end up in her position.
  • We seem, as a culture, to start to adhere to these antiheroes and have grown tired of the traditional, straight-up-and-down good guy.
  • The two most important things in my life were academics and sports. I had to do my schoolwork first.
  • In high school, the fastest I ever ran was like a 4.67; that's pretty fast. But then, I only weighed 168 pounds.
  • Austin is almost a million people, but it still feels like a relatively small town. Everybody knows each other. Or at least everyone in the filmmaking community.