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Their 1963 #1 hit, "My Boyfriend's Back", came about when a staff writer for April Blackwood Music returned to his old high school in New York, which he had heard was being torn down, for a last look. When he got there he saw a young teenage girl screaming at a rather disreputable-looking teenage boy, "My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble. You've been spreading lies about me all over school and when he gets ahold of you, you're gonna be sorry you were ever born!" He immediately returned to the office, got ahold of two other songwriters and had the song finished in just a few hours.

Members have included Peggy Santiglia, Phyllis Allbut, Barbara Allbut, Linda Janssen, Linda Malzone, Toni Mason, Debra Swisher, Bernadette Carroll(+05.10.2018).