Gerardo Olivares was born in Córdoba, city of Andalucía in Spain. He have the same name of his father, an architect. Gerardo has studied Sciencie Information in the University Complutense of Madrid. Since 20 years old, he has been travel to places like North Cape in Norway or the Artic Circle. With an adventurous feeling has recorded the most important places on the planet. All this has been collected in his documentaries, sold all over the world for the most important television channels. He has collaborated with some channels like TVE (Spanish Television), Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Since 2006, Gerardo Olivares changes the documentaries for fiction movies and he will be known for La Gran Final (2006), 14 Kilómetros (2007) y Entrelobos (2010). In his life, Gerardo Olivares has been in more than 100 countries and filmed over than 80 documentaries.