Cheyenne Kimball was born in Frisco, Texas. At age 8, she began playing the guitar and has written around 200 songs. In December, 2002, at age 12, she read a newspaper article about auditions for America's Most Talented Kids (2003). She won a role on the show and flew to L.A. and, after a few months, she came home as first prize winner with 50,000 dollars. In October 2003, she signed a record deal with Columbia Records. Cheyenne's mother wanted Cheyenne to grow up a regular kid and kept her out of the spotlight for a few years then in early 2005, Cheynne started working on her album. In May, 2006, Cheyenne's own reality TV show about her life as a teenage pop star, Cheyenne (2006), premiered on MTV. Cheyenne's debut album "The Day Has Come" is hitting the shelves on July 11, 2006.