Ed Speleers Poster

Trivia (11)

He beat out 180,000 other applicants to win the title role in Eragon (2006), a big-screen version of a popular novel by author Christopher Paolini.

Has enjoyed participating in school plays since the age of three. Notably, in his secondary school years, he played the lead roles in his school's productions of 'Richard III' and 'Hamlet'.

He is the youngest son of mother Gill. He has two brothers. His father, John, is a financial consultant. His parents are divorced.

He attended at Eastbourne College, a private boarding school located in East Sussex. He left school June 2006, before completing his A-Levels, to undertake the lead role in Eragon (2006).

He was suggested for the role of Peter Pevensie in the Narnia series, but in the end William Moseley got the part.

His favorite actor is James Dean.

He has two tattoos. One is a nautical star on his right wrist in memory of his five best friends. Each point of the star represents one of them. Each one of the five friends also has a star. The other tattoo is "Ramble On" on his left hip (after his favorite Led Zeppelin song).

Since a young age, Ed has supported English football club - Tottenham Hotspur.

Ed ran his first marathon (26.2 miles) in 2011 - the London Marathon - in 3 hours 40 minutes.

He is an Ambassador for UK charity YouthNet.

At the 2018 Thru The Stones convention, Ed said he really wants to star in a biopic of Mick Jagger. He proceeded to show the audience his Jagger moves while on stage and suggested the audience could crowdfund his movie.