Chad Archibald is the creator and co-owner of the Canadian production company Black Fawn Films. After graduating from Humber College for Multimedia design, Archibald dove into his first feature film entitled "Desperate Souls". The no-budget horror film was quickly picked up by heavyweights Alliance Atlantis and Lions Gate for worldwide release.

Along with producing over 20 feature films, Archibald has to date directed 7 feature films include "Neverlost" which had Variety saying "Archibald is certainly a talent, and "Neverlost" is a remarkable debut". Soon after Archibald joined forced with Matt Wiele of Foresight Features to co-direct the Julian Richings sci-fi/horror "Ejecta" written by Tony Burgess (Pontypool, Hellmouth, Septic Man). Following "Ejecta", Archibald returned to the director's chair once again for the watery horror film "The Drownsman" which was quickly scooped up by Anchor Bay for North American released after its strong festival circuit.

In 2014, Black Fawn Films signed an 8 picture deal to produce 8 horror features in partnership with Breakthrough Entertainment. This deal led Archibald to direct the insect body-horror film "Bite" which erupted into the festival circuit after ambulances were called to its sold out world premiere at Fantasia International Film Festival due to a number of people fainting. This was celebrated by horror fans as a "Falling Ovation". Aint It Cool News said "BITE is over the top gross and amazing to witness!". The film went on to hit the US with a nationwide limited theatrical release through the genre masters at Shout! Factory, who also took on US VOD and home video rights. 2016 let to Archibald's most recent project, the cult horror "The Heretics" which will be completed in Winter 2016 and is set to be his strongest film to date.