Elske McCain Poster


A name soon to be synonymous with the great Scream Queens of the past, Elske McCain is quickly carving her name in a genre that she has loved since a child.

Having watched, and been a fan of horror movies since she was very young, Elske began her career as a teenager, participating in such productions as The Wilding, Class Of Nuke'em High 2, Class Of Nuke'em High 3, The Getaway, and Silent Fury. Along the way working with the likes of Robert Z'dar, Eric Louzil, and the late Dana Plato.

In 2004, Elske had an opportunity to meet Lloyd Kaufman as he made a local appearance in her homestate of Arizona, earning her title of Tromette. At the same time, an interview was being conducted for a student production by local filmmaker Matthew Reel in which Elske participated. Soon after she was invited to star in Reel's short film The Goat Sucker (2005), and worked with the off-beat director multiple times.

Elske has since begun carving her way even deeper into the genre. She has recently starred in two short films, Humble Pie (Autumn Night Studios) and You're Next 3 : Pajama Party Massacre from NFTS Productions.In addition, Elske has already been involved in multiple feature films. She has had a featured role, appearing along side Gunnar Hansen in the Scott Phillips production of Gimme Skelter (2006). She's also landed a cameo in Lloyd Kaufman's Poultrygeist (2006)and is starring in Splatter Movie : The Director's Cut (2007) along side Tom Sullivan and Amy Lynn Best. In 2007, Elske is producing her very own feature film with Matthew Reel entitled Jessicka Rabid.

In addition to acting, Elske also makes several appearances each year to various film festivals and conventions around the country.

Elske is a mother of two, including an autistic child.