Cyrus King was born in Redwood City, California in May 1978. Raised in East Bay Area, his father is a Persian immigrant and his mother is an Irish-German nurse. They settled in blue-collar Hayward, a suburb of Oakland. When Cyrus' mother relocated to Southern California in 1983, Cyrus got his first taste of Hollywood, when he would fly down for summer vacations every year.

Rolling through high school without giving acting much thought, he managed to take and pass a drama class his freshman year in high school, but it wouldn't be until the age of twenty while attending college in Chico, California that he would star in a series of short films and plays, some of which won awards at local art festivals.

Intent on making a name for himself, he stepped up to Hollywood where he would attend many workshops and train with many coaches. He's been featured on hit shows like E.R., nip/tuck, and C.S.I.: Miami and Deadliest Warrior as a stuntman.

Great roles in feature films are no stranger to him either; they include: an FBI agent in Steven Spielberg's "Catch Me if You Can", and an M.P. (Military Police) in Academy Award winning director Errol Morris' "Standard Operating Procedure".

Known for his villainous, authoritative and military characters, Cyrus' style of story-telling through film will no doubt continue to be action-packed, antagonistic, and highly artistic.