Quotes (6)

  • I'd like to be a Rasmus fan, just to feel what it's like.
  • I try to keep my eyes open as much as I can, like there are so many things like everyday is so different from each others and so the more open you can be the more inspiration you can get for song-writing
  • The idea behind the new songs was to make the kind of music that we ourselves would like to hear, we have not forgotten the Nordic melancholy, but also, our new songs have a great number of influences. Dark Matters is like a roller and roller coaster with many different themes and personal feelings.
  • I prefer partying with Aki. He is just as party addicted as I am and we go out almost every night - preferably until the early morning. We have a lot of fun together. But we can also be very sad. Aki is very sensitive and does indeed cry when he is not doing well. He is not embarrassed by that. I admire that. At times, I would also prefer to cry but I can't.
  • He [Aki Hakala] agrees in many of my ways to think - we are soulmates. We for instance hate the waiting and hanging around before the gigs and therefore easily grow impatient. We also like bitching a bit about others and are like girls when it comes to that. Once it was really embarrassing for us. Aki just started gossiping awfully about a band, how bad their music was and how awful their gig. We were highly amused until we noticed that they were standing next to us. I am very happy that he exists.
  • When we are on tour and don't sleep on the bus but in the hotel myself and him [Aki] share one and Pauli and Eero the other room. That fits well because we party animals end up in bed pretty late anyway and don't wake up the others like this. It's also practical 'cause we both don't need much time in the bathroom and aren't in each other's way like that. The only stupid thing: Aki doesn't smoke and I get a bad conscience when I smoke too much around him. He says that it doesn't bother him but still I try to smoke less.