Limara Meneses Jiménez was born in Cuba and graduated from the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) with a concentration in Performing Arts. She began her career in Film at the young age of 16 in the multi-awarded and recognized film "El Benny" in which she played the co-protagonist role, Aida, Benny's wife. As her career was taking off, Limara had the honor to play the character Natividad in the Cuban- Spanish film "Camino al Eden"mara was nominated as best female actress in the Havana Film Festival and was mentioned for her performance as a young actress at the Caricatos's awards of the Association of Artists and Actors of Cuba. In Oda a La Piña, an award -winning and laureate at the New York Film Festival, Limara rounded off her film career with the role of the pineapple. At the height of Limara's career she was given the task to breath life into the animated character of Rita in the movie Chico and Rita, directed and animated by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal respectively, this was an Oscars nominated movie in 2012. Since moving to Atlanta, Georgia; Limara has worked with Aurora Theatre. She played Ines in Bicycle Country and Prudencia in the play Big Mother's Day. Limara has various roles with Cuatro Mujeres. She not only co-wrote the piece she also performs and is the company manager.