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He has trained with Former Heavyweight boxing contender Earnie Shavers Credited as boxing's hardest puncher of all time by Muhammad Ali. And Welterweight Champion of the World John H. Stracey, during the making of his short film "Memento Cosh".

Related to actor Otto Kruger.

Was considered for a role in Dredd (2012).

Was considered for a role in Black Sails (2013).

Nominated for a SAMA (South African Music Awards) Best music video of the year for Prime Circle - Doors.

Been making music videos in South Africa for over 10 years.

Had a fight with wrestler Gangrel from WWF in the ring that lasted for 4min during the making of GTV!.

Won a SAMA (South African Music Awards) Best music video of the year 2015 for Prime Circle - Doors.

He played two completely different characters in the movie "Last Broken Darkness" one being English and the other being an American southern hillbilly.

Lived in South Africa since 2008.

Nominated 9 times and Won 2 awards at "The Short & Sweet Music Video Awards 2014" for Best EDM "GoodLuck - Trickery" and Best Rock for "Prime Circle - Doors".

2015 Best Director Jury award at - The Online Film Festival for "The Golden Rule" (short film).

Nominated at the MTV Africa music awards for Best video of the year Prime Circle - Doors.

2013 MTV BASE Best Music Video of the year "GoodLuck - Trickery" and 2nd and 3rd place was also his work for "Ross Jack - TVs in the Swimming Pool" and "Prime Circle - Time kills Us All".

2016 Won at The Liverpool International film festival "The Alan Clarke award for achievement" in film.

During the making of "Fried Barry" Kruger wanted to cast actor friend Joey Cramer from "Flight of the Navigator" to be in the film. But due to the schedule it didn't work out. So during one of the scenes when Barry is flicking through the channels he placed a short clip of Joey Cramer being interviewed on the TV.

Forgoing a traditional script, Fried Barry was written in 3 days as a scene breakdown. After He wrote the main dialogue in the film everything else was improvised and workshopped on set. The only Actor that didn't improvise was Gary Green who plays Fried Barry as he wasn't a trained actor and had to work with him very closely to get exactly what he wanted.

Kruger's great love for the 80s. When Barry floats out of his shoes and socks in Fried Barry, this was inspired by Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy" music video. (Where Bobby floats off the window ledge).

Ryan Kruger is a huge fan of 80s films. In the movie Fried Barry you will see references from "E.T" "Starman" "Terminator" "Aliens" " Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" "Flight of the Navigator" and "Explorers".

He studied acting at one of the worlds leading conservatoires and drama schools "The Guildhall School of Music and Drama" under David Ciano.

Early in 2008 Kruger had his work looked at by Quentin Tarantino while he was on his "Death Proof" tour in Liverpool. As Kruger was meant to be showcasing his work at an event but decided to give them all to Mr. Tarantino.