Shannon Stewart Poster

Quotes (4)

  • "My mom started me in beauty pageants when I was a baby. And growing up I did fashion shows and runway modeling. I kept doing pageants until I was in about eighth grade. I won a lot of state titles. But when it stopped being fun, I quit".
  • "How did I hook up with Playboy? Well, I had come out to LA for a modeling job, and it fell through. I was ready to go home and let the whole modeling thing go. I was going to go school, get my degree in animal behavior and work at a zoo or something. And then a friend said I shouldn't go home until I gave Playboy a shot. So I went into Playboy Studio West, and it all started happening".
  • "People tell me, 'Don't forget where you came from', but I don't think I could. I mean, I have teachers from the third grade I still keep in contact with. The friends, the neighbors, the people I grew up with -I can't forget them. They're the ones who've supported me from way back when, and they're still around".
  • "My philosophy is 'Be strong. Even if you're not, pretend. No one will know the difference'".