Abdul Alnaif Poster


Abdul Salam Alnaif is a Writer, Director, and Actor. He has an artistic and literary background that draws on his wide range of experience and years of living abroad as a writer, poet, and artist. He worked as a taxi driver in Las Vegas while he was attended his School at the University of Las Vegas. Influences are Russian literature and William Shakespeare. The directors inspired him are David Lynch, David Lean, Stanley Kubrick, and Akira Kurosawa. As Alumni of Chapman University's MFA Film Production, Abdul also graduated from the University of Las Vegas, where he obtained his BA degree in Film Directing. His graduate thesis film, "Hijab" has Millions of views all over the world. Abdul's professional experience ranges from development to production to post-production. Abdul Works as a freelance filmmaker, Photographer and managing his own YouTube channel, "Arab in the USA". Born in Syria, and grew up in Damascus. Based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles Metro Area, he has been making films since 2001.