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Quotes (11)

  • I asked if I could keep Ben, but his agent told me to go away.
  • I joined the after-school club, School of Comedy, which progressed wildly, and in quite a Hollywood way. It sounds like 'School of Rock', right up to trying to raise money to pay for a venue in Edinburgh.
  • The thing I get a lot is, 'You've got a very recognisable face.' I'm never quite sure what to make of it.
  • I absolutely love Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • I need to try and get away from that brat role, or people are going to think I'm a natural brat.
  • Somehow I got a place at Bristol University. I'm still waiting for the phone call to say that they made a mistake and got the wrong person.
  • Seeing the actual, 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe', I absolutely loved it. It became one of my favourite films. It was a real Christmas classic and it was one of the most popular films ever in British history. So I think if someone told me that I'd be part of the franchise, then I would have thought they were mad.
  • My teacher told my mum, 'I think William has dyspraxia,' and Mum asked what that meant. She said, 'Well, if I put a chair in the middle of the room and asked every child in the class to walk around it, William would be the only child in the class to walk into it.' Mum was like, 'Yeah, that's my boy'.
  • I think what makes Narnia a magical place is that it offers escapism - escapism from a world that is so different from the reality known by the characters and the reality known by the fans.
  • [when asked if he would be portraying Pennywise in It (2017)] I don't know. I don't know. I was once when Mr Fukunaga was directing, but the circumstances at New Line are such that a new director's attached now. I think, with all due respect to him of course, I was selected by Cary and subscribed to Cary's vision for the movie, and so I haven't had a chance to connect with that [new] director. Of course, I have a relationship with New Line so I'm grateful to them for taking a punt on me - both for We're The Millers and It. But my involvement remains to be seen.
  • I have pretty major social anxiety. It wasn't until I just spoke to a buddy of mine who deals in anxiety that I realized I do, which is nothing I'm ashamed of whatsoever. I find now that in between roles I'm just trying to be comfortable with who I am and trying to establish who Will is, without that sounding sort of really pretentious. Otherwise I just find myself psychologically recovering from one role before I have to psychologically prepare for the next, and that's quite an unstable and unhealthy way to live.