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Quotes (5)

  • [after winning the Grand Prize at PaekSang Arts Award, 2013] I will bring changes as an actor but I will be a steadfast actor.
  • [after winning Mnet 20's Choice Movie Star Award, 2013] 20's choice! I can feel the youth and passion! Of all the outstanding candidates, I, who look like in 50s but actually in 40s, got the honor to be given this award. I'd like to give this award to Seung-Ryong Ryu in his 20s, who continued to uphold passion for acting even though he was penniless and went through a hard time.
  • [after winning Best Supporting Actor at Grand Bell Awards, 2012] I'd like to say sorry and thank you to an anonymous cow who suffered from my flamboyant hand gestures.
  • [after winning the Grand Prize at PaekSang Arts Award, 2013, referring to his misinformed line in the movie] (I said beans were vitamins in the movie but) actually beans are protein packed, not vitamin. The kids (who have watched the movie) often said to me that they got wrong answers because of that line.
  • People gave me a nickname 'dirty-sexy guy'. I think they see what's inside of me rather than the outside.