Seung-ryong Ryu Poster

Trivia (4)

He has had to acquire 5 languages for the roles in his films over the last 2 years: Manchu language (a Qing dynasty commander in 'War of the Arrows'), Spanish, French and African (a versatile ladies' man in 'All About My Wife'), and Japanese (a Japanese pirate in the upcoming film 'Battle of Myeongryang').

Before he was determined to major in Theater at college and become an actor, he had dreamed to be a military officer.

Seung-Ryong Ryu is the very first and the only actor in South Korean box office history, who has succeeded in selling over 10 million tickets twice in a row; Masquerade (2012) and Miracle of Cell No.7 (2013).

He had to take private lessons of finger ballet, sand art, cooking, Spanish, French, African and cow-milking for his role, a legendary Casanova Jang Sung-Ki, who used to seduce women with his versatile talents in the film 'All About My Wife'.