Born in Perth, Western Australia, Chris enjoys a prolific filmmaking career and has worked all over the world. Most recently, this included the stunning second unit scenes of Solomon Kane, a $45 million fantasy epic based on Robert E. Howard's famous novels. Shot in The Czech Republic, Chris's work included horse chases, explosions and battle scenes, a dramatic white water survival scene, sword fights and technical inserts, as well as spectacular landscapes and aerial cinematography. Chris's career initially took off after he directed several award winning short films, music videos and TV pieces in Australia. Moving to Europe in 2000, he established himself as a highly successful commercials director, working for Saatchi and Saatchi, and numerous other European agencies. In turn, feature film opportunities in Prague and the USA arose. His first feature film, The Rainbow Tribe was shot in California and is being distributed internationally by Peace Arch Entertainment. It stars David James Elliot (JAG, Scoundrels), Stephen Tobolowski, (Ground Hog Day, Memento) Julie-Ann Emery (Hitch), Ed Quinn (Eureka, Star Ship Troopers), Renee Taylor (The Nanny) as well as an ensemble of America's most remarkable child stars, including Grayson Russell (Talledega Nights), Noah Munk (iCarly), Max Burkholder (Parenthood). Chris has also directed highly innovative documentary works, including the web-cast of the maiden voyage of sixteenth century sailing ship, Duyfken and Towards a New Culture of Water, a Canadian co-production in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Chris's work is focused on story telling and performance. He creates rich visuals and is highly experienced with young actors. He is also a very technical director, having shot a considerable number of underwater productions, explosions & SFX, stunts, aerial cinematography and numerous animal scenes.

Chris's creative skills are the result of a layered history in the arts and unusual upbringing in a family of engineers. He has a background in kinetic sculpture and a degree in Fine Arts. He holds Honors in media studies and has studied and worked in almost every aspect of the film industry; facets that make Him well rounded and insightful as a director. On a personal level, Chris sees the arts as a powerful vehicle for encouraging people to expand into the fullness of all we are capable of as human beings. Coupled with his passion for psychology, this steers his creative choices and underpins his passion for working with actors.