Born and raised in the sweltering jungles of South Florida, Victor Salvatore is now living in LA & chasing his dreams like a pit bull obsessed with cars. While in his hometown of Miami, Florida, Victor booked a guest star role on the USA Network TV Show Burn Notice. Not only was this first his first role working with television and movie stars like Bruce Campbell and Jeffery Donovan, but it gave Victor his eligibility to join the Screen Actors Guild, which he did immediately. SAG card in hand, he packed his car and drove to Los Angeles. As soon as things settled, Victor signed up and started taking classes with Bill Alderson at The River Street Theatre Company in Hollywood, California, where he graduated from the full 2-year Meisner program. Victor continued to work for two more years in Bill's select graduate program, honing his skills. His knack for comedy later led Victor to study at The Groundlings School Of Improv. Recently in 2018, he acted alongside Kevin Hart in a Mountain Dew Promo and 2019 alongside David Arquette in comedy feature Domino: Battle of the Bones. Victor has quickly realized while writing this that he hates writing in the 3rd person, no one reads these things, and would like to share with the world his love for interpretive dance. His YouTube page has over 14 subscribers and has accumulated dozens of hits over the past few years. He is most well-known for his interpretive dance 'Camel Camel I Don't Want Your Fleas' and 'You are You, and I'm A Giraffe, but I Need Love As Well.'