Antonella Barba Poster


Antonella Barba, the former American Idol star, continues to pleasantly surprise the industry. She avoided shortcuts early in her career by returning to school and earning a B.S. in Architecture.

She took part as the spokeswoman for the Election Mall's Voter Space where she hosted a Non-Partisan Young Voters Party on Election Night in 2008.

In 2010 she decided it was time to return to the music business and released her single "Jersey Girl" which she co-wrote, and along with the accompanying video, drew a lot of attention in the New York market as she performed on Fox 5 News and appeared on the cover of Stepping Out Magazine.

She also appeared in Latino y Style Magazine where she first spoke about her Latina heritage. She followed that up with a tremendous 2011 where a mutual studio session with producers Epic and SQRL led to the formation of LA-eX, with a transformed Antonella Barba fronting an electronica hip-hop group that saw her incorporate rap and talk segments over unique beats, and they became the talk of California--and Ryan Seacrest's favorite band--with their cover of Kanye West's "Mercy. "

In 2012, Antonella worked for Kanye West on one of his tours and showed her athletic skill set on "Fear Factor." She has redefined herself, yet remains the total package of voice, looks, and intelligence that has matured into a unique talent. The future looks bright for this singer-songwriter who will tell all in an upcoming autobiography.

Antonella Barba is a survivor and a thriver, and that makes her the hottest property in the music business today in 2014.