Alex Neustaedter (pronounced Nu-sted-ter) has been a star on the constant rise since he first came to the scene as a lead in Meg Ryan's film ITHACA. Now, he stars in the highly anticipated Showtime drama AMERICAN RUST (September 2021) alongside award winning actors, Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney. Alex portrays series regular 'Billy Poe.' Based on Philipp Meyer's debut novel, the family drama explores the tattered American dream through the eyes of complicated and compromised chief of police Del Harris (Daniels) in a Pennsylvania Rust Belt town full of good people making bad choices. When the woman he loves (Tierney) sees her son (Neustaedter) accused of murder, Harris is forced to decide what he's willing to do to protect him.

Alex began acting at a young age, formally training while splitting his time between his hometown of Kansas City and Los Angeles, finally making a permanent move to Hollywood in 2011. As previously mentioned, in 2015, Alex starred in Meg Ryan's feature film ITHACA, taking on the lead role of 'Homer' alongside Sam Shepard and Tom Hanks. Shortly after, he landed the role of 'Bram,' a series regular in USA Network's drama COLONY with Josh Holloway. Alex's additional film credits include the 2018 film A-X-L where he played the lead 'Miles' opposite Becky G, AMERICAN WOMAN alongside Sienna Miller, WALKING OUT alongside Bill Pullman, THE TRIBES OF PALOS VERDES starring Jennifer Garner, and the indie film LOW TIDE which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Most recently, Alex was seen in a strong supporting role in Netflix's THINGS HEARD AND SEEN alongside Amanda Seyfried and James Norton.

Growing up, Alex split his passion for acting with an equal love for sports including football, basketball, and baseball. He played on school sports teams and was named a California All-State baseball shortstop in 2016, graduating that year with honors. He is a self-taught surfer, having surfed in many incredible areas such as Nicaragua, Hawaii, New Jersey, Oregon and California, to name a few. Additionally, he plays the guitar, and is an avid snowboarder and all-around outdoorsman. He is a loyal supporter of Oceana and believes strongly in protecting our ocean.