Stephen McCain Poster


Olympic and Hall of Fame Artistic Gymnast, Stephen McCain has been performing since the age of 10. His fearless childhood curiosity for discovering the limitations of his body became focused when his mother enrolled him in gymnastics. Demands of the intensity of the sport drove McCain to experience the very limits of his capacity physically, mentally, and emotionally.

McCain's gymnastics afforded him opportunities in every form of media including Film, Television, Commercials, Shows, Radio, Internet, and Print. When McCain was asked to perform the gymnastics for the lead character in the Motion Picture Film, "The Peaceful Warrior", the experience sparked an interest in acting.

Stephen McCain enrolled in an intensive study program at the prestigious Playhouse West in Hollywood, California, where he has studied technique, improvisation, voice, and screenwriting.

Having embraced this life journey, McCain feels passionately that acting is now his motivation to bring other stories to life.