Azmyth Kaminski was Born Christopher Molsee Kaminski on December 12th 1980, which changed to Robyn Molsee Kaminski before his 1st birthday. His childhood was positively nurtured by his parents Nancy Kaminski & Ed Molsee, in Snohomish County in the state of Washington. His career in the arts began at a very young age creating drawings, which told stories thanks to TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). He picked up the snare drum in 5th grade, which led to a full drum kit shortly there after. Also in 5th grade he found track & field where he excelled immediately being involved through middle school until finding snowboarding, which quickly became his sport of choice. All through out high school he focused his talents on fine arts & music, playing in bands & taking every arts class available. Except for drama strangely enough. After graduating in 1999 he began college immediately at Cornish College Of The Arts where he dropped out 4 months later to pursue a career as a DJ. Thus started a 5-year journey of playing shows & touring. This led to the founding of the 1st of his production companies Equalize Entertainment. After hosting a slew of events & tours leading him up & down the North American western corridor, He decided it was time for a move. California had been calling to him & in 2005, he made the move to Los Angeles.

Once in LA, he picked up some DJ residencies & prepared to start throwing events. Little did he know that a new career path would blindside him very soon. A fateful meeting in late 2007 led him to Sande Alessi's office after being told he had a great pirate look. They were presently casting Pirates Of The Caribbean 3. Two weeks later he had a fitting & was working at the Disney ranch in the opening scene. His 1st break came immediately as he got chosen out of 500 pirates to be featured as 1 of 21 pirates who would actually be hung at the gallows. One of those rare stories occurred in an actor's life where he was given all his, (not unlike a golden ticket in this business) SAG vouchers. This experience led him to get quickly involved in the background-acting world. At the beginning of 2008, he was slipped into a casting for a new Mark Burnett reality show called Pirate Master. During this last round of Nation-wide casting he was selected as 1 of 16 members to take this undiscovered journey to the island of Dominica where the show was filmed. He did extremely well on the show as the most feared competitor, alas strategy got the better of him & he was cut adrift during episode 9. While waiting for the show to air, he shot some commercials promoting Pirate Master for his parents company Designers Warehouse. The Videographer who shot these videos was Jeff Madsen, a known screenwriter living in Washington who took a liking to Azmyth & cast him as one of his characters. Well the story goes that within months funding had popped up & a crew was established in his hometown of Snohomish where they began shooting the 1st of two feature films within a 5-month period. During this whirlwind period of a crash course in acting, he also began picking up pieces of producing. He earned himself Executive & Co-producer creds during both films helping attain some of the funding & helping in multiple departments. That year he attended AFM & was contacted shortly after about distribution options for both films. Both C.O.L. & F.F. are presently in distribution channels. Thanks to his new credits he of course had to take the natural steps of getting head shots to be ready for the upswing in his acting career. Strangely enough taking head shots led him to venture into the modeling realm where he has created a niche for himself walking a fine line between commercial/high-fashion & edgy/avant-garde. Although modeling is often about staying attractive, he couldn't help enjoying stunts that he had performed himself on C.O.L.. He found a new love in performing his own stunts where possible during his acting roles & other castings. Since he was helping out on so many projects on multiple levels, he began helping cast actors & models as well. At this point he decided to mature from strictly throwing event as Equalize Entertainment into creating his present company Manifest Station. These days you can find Azmyth DJ'ing for television shows & focusing efforts mainly in the production realm on music videos, commercials & upcoming feature films. But don't be surprised if you hear him on the radio soon or catch him waltzing across your TV screen in your very own home.