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Quotes (6)

  • When you're shooting a TV show, there's not a lot of time to build character.
  • We would be silly to say that race issues don't exist in 2014.
  • Everyone deserves to have their voice heard.
  • I didn't read comic books; that's not something that was really available to me as a child. We watched more cartoons and movies.
  • The last thing we need is women on TV hating each other.
  • The more we get cast, the more we unfortunately take the brunt, the easier it's going to get on every woman of color that comes after us. It's going to become the normal, I hope, sooner than later. If I have to deal with crap online so a girl that looks like me 10 years from now can successfully be on a show without any of that, then it's well worth it.