Sofia Pernas Poster

Trivia (7)

Has a brother and a cousin in the US Armed Forces.

Was "The Angry Green Girl", promoting a cleaner lifestyle.

She was approached by a talent agent for modeling, which jumpstarted her career. She later settled in Los Angeles to pursue acting. Her first role was in the 2009 made-for-television movie The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake as Isabella Drake. She played the recurring role of Marine First Lieutenant Gabriela Flores on a two-part episode of CBS's NCIS in 2011.

In part 2 of the NCIS episode, Engaged, she played a missing soldier, a considerable stretch from her modeling attire.

She was born in Fes, Morocco, to a Moroccan mother and a Galician father.

Will be modeling in Viva Glam Magazine June 2012.

She speaks English, Spanish, Arabic, and German.