Trivia (11)

Mick Mullins appeared as backing vocalist - and is thanked - on the Modern Romance debut album 'Adventures in Clubland' (1981). The album reached #1 in Venezuala and was certified Gold.

Mick provided backing vocals on the Modern Romance single 'Tonight' (1981).

Mick took over the mantle of lead vocalist for Modern Romance in 1982 and his first single with them was the band's biggest hit: 'Best Years of Our Lives', which reached #4 on the UK Singles Chart.

During 1983 - the watershed year for Modern Romance - Mick Shared in the following hits: (singles) 'High Life' (#8), 'Don't Stop That Crazy Rhythm' (#14), 'Walking in the Rain' (#7), 'Good Friday / Good Feelings' (#96); (albums) 'Trick of the Light' (#53), 'Party Tonight' (#45). His other chart entry with the band was their final single 'Best Mix of Our Lives', which reached #81 in 1985.

Although Geoff Deane was lead vocalist on the Modern Romance single 'Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White' (1982), which reached #15 on the UK Singles chart, the song was re-recorded with Mick as lead vocalist for the albums 'Trick of the Light' and 'Party Tonight' (1983).

Following the band's split in 1985, Mick went on to provide backing vocals for Cliff Richard, firstly on the #1 single 'Mistletoe & Wine' (1988), and then as a regular, and can be seen with Cliff on the 1994 Knebworth Festival and the 2004 Live and Kicking Tour among others.

Mick and Modern Romance had a #1 hit with 'Walking in the Rain' (1983) in Thailand. The single reached #7 in the UK. Mick is credited as songwriter along with David Jaymes.

In 1983 Mick could be seen regularly on the TV, one station continually promoting their album 'Party Tonight'; his vocals could be heard on Radio 1, the Modern Romance singles 'Best Years of Our Lives', 'High Life', and 'Good Friday' being used as Radio 1 jingles over the Christmas period.

During his time with Modern Romance, Mick lent his vocals to many of the band's cover versions, such as 'Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White' (New Version), 'Love Letters', 'Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)', 'Band of Gold', 'Tarzan Boy', and 'Abraham, Martin & John'.

Mick is credited with co-writing the Modern Romance songs 'Walking in the Rain', 'Good Friday', 'After All This Time', 'Leave Me On My Own', 'Burn IT!', 'Move On', 'That's What Friends Are For', 'That's Entertainment', 'I'll Always Remember You', 'Keep A Candle Burning', 'Take Another Look', and 'Wasting Away'.

Mick was also a Fire Fighter with the London Fire Brigade, based on the Green Watch at D24 Fulham, as well as being the singer he became famous for. He used to come in to work after doing session work with both Modern Romance and Cliff Richard.