Eunice is of Igbo decent precisely from Enugu State but was born as the second female child to a family of 5 children in Lagos State Nigeria. She has an older sister, an immediate younger brother and two younger sisters. Divorced from a German attorney husband with whom she was married for 5 years without kids. Eunice got into the entertainment industry at a tender age of 9 as a child actor in Nigeria. Blossomed into a full fledged entertainer in acting and dancing and later an entertainment entrepreneur with businesses in Movies, Music, Events Management, Marketing and Consultancy.

She schooled in Nigeria, France, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S.A. and has certificates and qualifications in diverse fields - Agric Economics, Acting For Film, Performing Arts, Film Making, Business Administration etc. She speaks Igbo, Yoruba, German, English, French, and Spanish languages and has been picking up bits and pieces of Hausa language since secondary school.