Elijah Baker Poster


Hailing from South East London, Elijah first starting acting as a hobby at the age of 14 and began going to Lewisham Youth Theatre at Catford Broadway. Acting remained a hobby for Elijah until a few years later, when members of The Old Vic theatre came to Elijah's Secondary school to hold open auditions for a play they were setting up in partnership with The Imperial War Museum. Backed by Kevin Spacey, It was a play about young men joining the British army in World War 1 and fighting in the Battle Of The Somme. 'On The Middle Day', written by Gavin Birch and Directed by Matt Wild.

Elijah won the supporting lead role of 'Archibald Cotton' and the play went on to be a huge success, winning Best Heritage award, which Elijah was chosen on behalf of the cast & crew to accept at the National Lottery Awards 2007.

Baker then went on to attend Sylvia young evening classes and it was at this school where he met the founder, 'Sylvia Young' , who recommended Baker to her daughters agency. Baker soon landed his first role as a guest lead in an episode of 'The Bill'. Following The Bill, Baker has since landed roles in other well known shows such as 'Silent witness', 'The Sarah Jane adventures' , 'Doctors, 'Injustice' and 'Phone Shop'.

Baker was recently awarded best male emerging talent for his performance in 'Signs Of Silence' by the Buff Film Festival.

Recent credits include 'Tango One', 'Acceptable Damage', 'Dishoom' and 'Ethel'.