Ethan Cutkosky Poster

Trivia (8)

On the set of The Unborn (2009) he got the nickname 'One-Take Barto', because he tried to do (everything in) one take.

In March of 2018, Ethan Cutkosky appeared onstage with rapper/singer Lil Xan, whose fans have often noted his strong resemblance to Ethan.

Ethan Cutkosky (Carl) starred opposite Gary Oldman in the 2009 horror film "The Unborn."

Ethan Cutkosky, who plays Carl, has his own clothing brand called Khaotic Collective.

In 2017, Ethan Cutkosky (Carl) attended the Summer Camp Music Festival for the first time and shot a promo for the 2018 festival.

Ethan Cutkosky's hobbies include skateboarding, jet skiing, bike riding, photography and taekwondo.

Ethan Cutkosky got his start as a model for print ads and commercials at the age of four in his hometown of Chicago.

Ethan Cutkosky, who plays Carl Gallagher, made his film debut in 2007 at age seven opposite Vince Vaughn in the Christmas comedy "Fred Claus."