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Kalafina is a music group formed in 2007 by Composer and Songwriter Yuki Kajiura consisting of Yuki herself, two members of her FictionJunction project Keiko Kubota and Wakana Ootaki, and two other performers Maya, Hikaru. As of 2009 Sony announced Maya is no longer with the group leaving Yuki, Keiko, Wakana and Hikaru. In early 2018 Kajiura left the group as the primary song writer with Kubota leaving in April 2018.

Kalafina has no meaning. Yuki Kajiura chose the name because it had a melodic feel to it.

Member vocalist Hikaru Masai and former vocalist Maya Toyoshima were selected from a pool of 30,000 auditions.

Slated to appear at Anime Boston in Boston Massachusetts with Yuki Kajiura [May 2009]

They have an asteroid named in their honor, 40775 Kalafina.

Officially disbanded in March of 2019.