Steven R. LaPlume began life in New England, the son of a police officer. He was tested in the 2nd grade and found to have a 147 IQ. Though bored with school he chose to stay with his class mates and just be like everyone else. Steven Joined the US Air Force in 1979. He was stationed at RAF Bentwaters Wood Bridge in Suffolk England and was associated with the famous Rendelsham forest UFO incident in 1980/1981.

Steven Went on to work as a professional Mercenary soldier upon release from the Air Force and was involved in the Iran Contra Affair. Other actions are not detailed though he worked as a Mercenary on and off until 2002. In between missions he got married and had 2 children and worked in the construction field. His last mission was on the US Mexican border doing ranch security against drug smugglers.

In 1987 Steve began a career in racing super bike motorcycles he ranked 21st in the AMA CCS 3 hour national endurance race series in 1988. he retired from semi professional racing at age 48.

In February of 2003 Steve Moved his family to Suzhou China where he appeared on a game show and a local movie about expats moving to Suzhou China. in 2005 Seven Moved from Suzhou to Shanghai and he appeared in one international TV commercial, a Chinese TV series called "The war after the war" which he played the part of a US commandant of a Japanese POW camp after the war. Steve Also played the part of the German foreign minister in a film titled Peking 1900. Steve had a one line cameo appearance in the TV series made specifically for the worlds fair in Shanghai titled "Welcome to Shanghai" which chronicled the growth of Shanghai over the decades. Steve Played a well to do socialite interviewing a prospect for an elite club. Steve also did some fashion modeling which is un-credited and unknown as the photographs were distributed with out permission so there is no real trace of them to ad credits.

While in China Steve also worked as a professional bouncer at one of Shanghais most notorious bars as well as a private body guard for stars and well off executives when they visited Shanghai for a company called "Shanghai Guardian Security Company" who contracted to Emma Entertainment.

Steve has not acted since his return to the USA. He now resides in New Hampshire USA. The "Live Free or Die" state