In the fall of 1980 Brian Harrison Teague was born in the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga to Ron and Janet Teague. There he was raised with his four siblings; Laura, Jason, Carole and Ashley.

Brian got his start in the arts by producing live-action haunted houses as a child. Later in high school Brian began making short films, including pieces for his high school's news and variety show, The Friday Show.

At the University of North Carolina at Wilmington he received his BA in Critical Studies and Film Production. There he had the opportunity to work and learn from producer, Frank Capra Jr. and actor, Peter Jurasik among many other grossly talented people working in the industry. While in school, Brian was privileged to work on the hit WB show Dawson's Creek.

Brian lives in Decatur, Georgia. His production company, Get the Horns Productions, continues to develop and produce both short and feature length projects.