Allie Bell was born in Anaheim, California to a large family. After moving several times, the family finally settled in Phoenix, Arizona. It was in the Valley of the Sun that she began to cultivate her creative side with a passion for music, drawing and acting.

From grade school to high school, Allie participated in school plays and volunteered her musical abilities in various productions behind the scenes. At a young age, she got involved in her community church's improv theatre group.

From one-liners to supporting roles, she expanded her acting abilities and determination to excel and grow within the characters she played. But her time wasn't all spent in the limelight. During her acting pursuits, Allie dabbled in various other professions, which enabled her to embrace each character she portrayed by associating them with her past experiences.

It was this vast background that helped Allie select a career as a Broadcast Journalist, while attending the University of Arizona in Tucson in 2001. During her college education, she was able to develop other skills within the profession such as handling and using camera equipment and video/sound editing.

After graduating college, Allie pursued her career within the journalism profession covering state and government news, commercial real estate and business finance across various platforms -- including broadcast, print and digital. During this time she also played supporting roles in multiple indie films shot in various locations around Phoenix, Tucson and Los Angeles.

Eventually her career in both fields - journalism and acting - led her to New York City.