David Mazouz Poster


David (pronounced" Dah-Veed") Albert Mazouz began his acting career in commercials at the age of 7 after attending acting classes with his older sister. Spotted there by an agent, he began auditioning and fell in love with entertaining. He was raised in Los Angeles with his older Sister, Rebecca by his parents, his Father, a French/Tunisian physician and his Mother, 2nd Gen Greek holocaust survivor who practices as a psychotherapist.

He landed his first film shortly after in a small role for a film directed by Edoardo Ponti. He began booking guest star roles for television and was fortunate enough to work with James Burrows and Randall Einhorn as a newcomer and felt most joy when performing and working. Shortly after he landed the role of Jake on Fox's TV show Touch alongside his TV father Kiefer Sutherland for two seasons. He developed a close relationship to his TV father who mentored him alongside an amazing crew that became family. He is most known for his role on Fox's TV show Gotham as the young Bruce Wayne and grew up in front of his TV audience from age 13 to 18. Living in New York away from his school friends and the other half of his family was trying at times but since David is most passionate about work, he did school remotely before anyone else and managed juggling two completely different worlds mostly effortlessly and traveled back and forth to each coast regularly.

One of the most profound experiences David had was auditioning for Stephen Daldry while working with him and his couches, along with 5 other final contenders for the lead in his film over the course of 5 days. It was intense and affirming. After the initial disappointment he realized it was worth the risk because he KNEW that this was what he wanted to continue to do at any cost.

He resides in Palo Alto where he attends Stanford University pursuing a degree in Economics and Psychology and continuing to work whenever possible. He is also pursuing writing animation and following his passion for Rap music.