Andrew Jorgen Lee was born on the 2nd of July 1997, in Columbus, Ohio. Before his debut into the cinematic world, Andrew performed in his middle school play as a T-bird in Grease and fell in love with acting. After acting classes in Columbus, he was discovered and placed in a national commercial and independent film that shot in Cape Cod. He then began spending months out of each year in LA and gained representation and a recurring role on Disney XD as a spokes person. Andrew got his first real taste of acting when cast to help carry out the main role in the film The Motel Life starring Emile Hirsch, Stephen Dorff and Dakota Fanning. He played the younger version of Emile's character and the two conspired on how to bring the role to life. Andrew also got to experience acting at its finest interacting in a scene with Kris Kristofferson. When not on set, Andrew helps mentor children, and teaches an introduction to acting course in his home town. He has a strong belief in the balance of education and acting, and helps others remain grounded through the acting experiences.