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  • One of my goals for Steven Universe is that, because it's a coming of age story, from being a kid to being some kind of miniature adult. Lots of things have happened before the show started that Steven doesn't totally know about! What I'm really trying to do with the show is... sort of reveal the complexity of the world of all these people who are older than him. It's also based of on me and Steven -Rebecca Sugar's real brother, Steven Sugar- at that time. All I wanted to do is help him not to make the same mistakes I made when I was going through that transition. The show is very much about that. As Steven is learning things, the audience is learning with him. And so we can just keep expanding his world, but it's never small, it's always big, and he's just learning about it, with you. That is my way of sort of keeping it self-contained and consistent. The world is the way it is for a reason, and Steven is learning that. Shifting from this kind of self-centered universe that you live in, where everyone and everything is being done because of you... to seeing that it's not really that. In that way, we want to explore each character and how are they dealing with Steven.