D'Arcy Carden Poster

Quotes (7)

  • I always dreamed about getting on TV and being part of a team - a funny ensemble.
  • My social circle, my best friends, are all people that I met at UCB.
  • The thing about Drew Goddard and Mike Schur is that they are legit geniuses, and they love storytelling. They love creating worlds, love messing with the audience; they love doing things that we don't expect. To get to be a part of that is too good to be true.
  • I love C-3PO; I love the girl from 'Ex Machina' - these kind of robots that have so much soul that you feel for them.
  • There's nothing simple when you're in this 'Good Place.'
  • I started to realize that comedy is what I really wanted to do, but I didn't want to do stand-up.
  • Mike Schur knows exactly what everything should look like but, at the same time, is super collaborative and loves working with actors that make choices and bring stuff to the table.