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  • A lot of people are really excited to see the continuation of Cory and Topanga and Boy Meets World (1993). I was getting a lot of positive feedback, which I was really happy about.
  • I think people are excited because, even watching Boy Meets World (1993), you can tell that those characters are going to do something when they get older. I think people are excited to see characters they grew up with continue.
  • I think my style philosophy would be to never define your style. Be whatever you want!
  • I feel like we live in a world that often would kind of try to shut teenagers up, and kind of put them aside, or tell them that they can speak, but it's kind of not going to matter or something like that. And I feel like my thoughts and my opinions have always been very open and they've always been very allowed, and I defiantly want to encourage other teens to do the same and to form their own opinions. Even if they're the ones I disagree with, at least they're forming them by themselves.
  • [KTLA Morning News Interview June 09 2015] I want to do two years at Columbia [University] and two years at Oxford [University]. That's my only dream.
  • If there's one thing I want people to take away from our show [Girl Meets World (2014)] , I want it to feel inclusive, and feel like anyone can watch it and somehow identify. So the more people who can identify with the show, should identify with the show.
  • In my work, I'm passionate about trying different things and being okay if I mess up. Now I'm trying to bring that into my own life.