Sarah Elizabeth Jones was a child of Richard and Elizabeth Jones. She was the sister of Rebecca Jones and Eric Jones. Sarah began her film career while interning on the set of Army Wives (2007), a popular television show. Sarah continued to climb the ranks of the film industry, quickly finding a passion in the art of Cinematography. She was a loyal and respected member of the International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600)

Sarah was working on a biopic about Southern rock musician Gregg Allmanentitled "Midnight Rider" when she was struck and killed by a freight train. The cast and crew were filming a dream sequence on an old railroad trestle bridge near Doctortown, Georgia, on an active line, when a freight train unexpectedly showed up giving them only seconds to scramble to safety. Crew members were forced to abandon the bed they were trying to move, leaving it partially on the tracks where it was struck by the train, shattering it into shrapnel-like pieces. One of those pieces struck Sarah, knocking her into the train, killing her instantly. Six others were also injured by the debris from the bed and had to be hospitalized. Sarah was age 27 when she died.

Sarah's tragic loss has led to a new push for safety on the set in a movement called Safety for Sarah. To honor her memory, family and friends also started a Facebook page entitled Slates for Sarah. In September 2014 the family announced the creation of an umbrella organization, The Sarah Jones Film Foundation, the purpose of which is to award film scholarships, promote set safety, and oversee the operations of Safety for Sarah and Slates for Sarah.