Max Aria Poster


Max Aria is an American actor, stunt man, cinematographer, and film producer. Born in Mississippi to a family of physicians and military officers, he grew up an athlete, musician, and a (rebel without a cause) quiz bowl champion. Known for having a diverse group of friends, from country girls to aspiring rappers, Max still credits the conflicting social cultures of Mississippi in allowing him to live a number of lives within a short amount of time.

Max's breakout role came in playing a turtle in "Noah's Ark" in elementary school. The play received big claps from parents in the audience.

He began studying acting seriously at Mississippi State University and Disney World before moving to Southern California. Shortly after graduating college, he found success modeling for magazines and sports companies as well as acting in music videos, commercials, and video games that helped fund his early career. Max Aria currently (11/13) resides in Los Angeles, California, where he acts in the TV/Film industry as well as popular theater/improv. groups during his time away from the camera. His other hobbies include stunt work, martial arts, and writing music.