Brandon Sklenar Poster


Brandon Sklenar was born and raised in New Jersey. His father a carpenter and his mother a hair dresser. At 14, he decided he would be an actor.

In 2018 Brandon worked with revered international filmmaker Amir Naderi (99 Homes), on his next directorial effort, Magic Lantern. He filmed a supporting role in the highly acclaimed Dick Cheney biopic VICE, with Academy Award Winners Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Sam Rockwell and writer/director Adam McKay. Brandon also starred opposite Matt Smith (The Crown) as real life artist Edward Mapplethorpe, in the film Mapplethorpe, about the life and death of controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, which premiered in competition at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.

In 2019 Brandon filmed Lead roles in three feature films. He starred as Texas moonshiner, Deke Jones in the dark comedy, Jonesin'. He starred opposite Rosie Day (Outlander) as a concert violinist in Jaclyn Bethany's relationship drama, Indigo Valley. He played West Virginia oil man, Junior Lawford, in the western, London Calling, opposite Nick Braun (Succession) and Ron Perlman. As well as a supporting role portraying real life Torpedo Bomber and World War 2 hero, George Gay, in Roland Emmerich's upcoming World War 2 epic Midway.