Savannah Morgan was born in Texas to a British mother (who grew up in South Africa and Kenya) and an American father (who grew up in Turkey). For the first few years of her life she was a "set rat" following her production father from show to show. At age 9, unbeknownst to her parents she auditioned for and got a featured role in the UPN series Legend (starring Richard Dean Anderson and John de Lancie) where she was kidnapped by the Jesse James Gang (she refused a stunt double). It solidified her love of storytelling, specifically through the medium of film. At age 15 she became an Argentine Tango addict and over the next few years she ended up teaching students ranging in age from 12 to 82. She completed a BA in Business Management in Oregon, but wound up following her father into film, performing a variety of roles on both sides of the camera from the U.S. to the U.K. She now resides in Scotland, where she finds ample inspiration for her latest screenplays.