Actress, teacher, and director, with more than 30 years of experience in Arts performing. She has performed in more than 40 plays like "Chicago", " El Violinista en el Tejado ", "Toc Toc "," Mamma Mia "," Wicked ", " Solo Quiero Hacerte Feliz "," Mi Hijo solo Camina un poco más lento" and "Billy Elliot", playing the role of Ms. Wilkinson, this performance was awarded with the Metropolitan prize of Mexico City Theater for Best Musical Leading Role 2018.

We've seen her in "3 Hermanas" directed by Diego del Río; performing together with Arcelia Ramirez, Maya Zapata, Mauricio García Lozano, among others. As Director, she directed "Made in Mexico", "Bule Bule El Show", "Eres Bueno Charlie Brown", " Te Quiero hasta la Luna" and "Forever Young". Nowadays performing since October in the amazing play "Sugar" at the Teatro de Los Insurgentes.

She made Short-films like "Emilia", "Atrapada", "Alerta Sísmica", "Mimesis", among others.

On Television, she performed in the famous Tv-Series "Cachito de Cielo", with more than 60 episodes; for the moment she is performing in the successful Tv-Series "Cita a Ciegas" as Alondra, co-starring her role with the first Actress Victoria Ruffo, produced by Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo and for Televisa Productions. In 2018 made the Spanish dubbing of Meryl Streep's role in the Disney movie "El Regreso de Mary Poppins".

Nowadays, we can see her performing in the new Feature Film "El Juego de la Llave" produced by Roberto Fiesco, directed by Javier Colinas, Fernando Lebrija, and Kenya Marquez.