Kadir Dogulu Poster


Abdulkadir Dogulu (born 19 April 1982), better known as Kadir Dogulu, is a Turkish actor.

Kadir Dogulu was born on 19 April 1982 in Mersin, Turkey. He worked during his secondary and high school years in many places as a cook and operator. He met Hande Yener through his brother, Kemal Dogulu, who is Yener's stylist. Soon afterwards, he worked with Hande Yener for a while and appeared in her song's music video called "Romeo". Then he began to receive offers of acting. He played as a leading actor in Küçük Sirlar, a Turkish remake of Gossip Girl. He has played in several successful series.

Kadir Dogulu married actress Neslihan Atagül on 8 July 2016. The couple had met on the set of Fatih Harbiye in 2013.